Multiaxis Turn Milling
Complete Machining

Due to its combination of turning and milling modules as well as the fully integrated Machine Kinematics Simulation, PEPS offers an optimum solution for the programming of lathe-milling machines. Thanks to the display of the complete machine room, machining processes are simulated and optimized in real time. To avoid input errors, the actual state of the part can be measured at any time during the simulation.

  • Multi-channel programming
  • Machine cycle output
  • Machine Kinematics Simulation
  • Collision check
  • Time calculation

Multi-Channel Programming and
Machine Kinematics Simulation

Main and counter spindle machining, simultaneous roughing with two tools, automatic synchronization and collision check by means of the integrated 3D Machine Kinematics Simulation.

Optimum functionality.

Machine cycle output

Machining strategies such as longitudinal turning, facing and free hand turning are complemented by the machine cycle output for roughing, drilling, thread turning, tapping, grooving and automatic subspindle. Thus, NC programs are significantly shortened, and a subsequent optimization simplified.

Technology change in sections of the geometry

The PEPS turning module offers the possibility to modify the technology in various sections of the geometry. Parameters such as feed rate, RPM or the insertion of an arbitrary M-Code and/or G-command are part of it.

Variants programming for families of parts

The variants programming for families of parts automatically creates geometry and machining features.

Fit dimension manufacturing without geometry modification

The nominal dimension-dependent tolerance center is calculated via the intrasystem ISO tolerance system. The CAD model is not changed by this.

Measuring the actual state

The part to be produced can be measured in the Machine Kinematics Simulation in the current simulation status.

Time calculation

The machining times are output to an Excel list per tool, including the main, rapid motion and nonproductive times.

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