Terms and conditions of course participation

As of: August 2021

Camtek GmbH (hereafter named: Camtek) performs courses for companies under the term of $ 14 BGB (hereafter named: the customer) on the basis of the following conditions, if not, in individual cases, otherwise agreed upon between Camtek and the customer through written mutual acceptance of a differing individual offer (hereafter named: agreement).

1.1 Course registration and booking
The customers course registration is binding and should be submitted in written form via return of a signed copy of the applicable offer latest two weeks before course begin. The agreement is sealed with the written confirmation of the registration or through confirmation via fax or e-mail by Camtek. Confirmation in this sense may also be the invoice.

1.2 Requirements for participation
Confident handling of a Microsoft Windows computer is required for participation. The requirement for an upgrade course is the achievement of one of our basic’s courses.

1.3 Our scope of service
Camteks scope of service is to enable the customer the participation in the agreed course. The course fee includes courseware, lunch and drinks. Every participant is provided with a modern CAD/CAM workstation including the necessary CAD-software. A certificate of participation is handed out at the end of the course. Camtek reserves rights to alter dates, tutors, venue and undergo minor alterations in the course content if important reasons are given and using Camteks equitable discretion. In the case of a change in the date, the customer has the right to rebook to a different available date.

1.4 Gratification
The gratification is in accordance to the respective agreement. The customer receives the invoice promptly after fulfilment of the respective. The gratification is due and payable immediately after fulfilment of the course.

1.5 Cancellation
Camtek is entitled to cancel courses if there are not enough registrations or for other unjustifiable reasons. In this case Camtek will contact the customer immediately and offer a new date or if applicable offer a refund of the already paid gratification.

1.6 Course times
Courses begin at 9am and end at 5pm, if not otherwise announced or agreed upon.

1.7 Number of participants
In order to ensure optimal mentoring courses are limited to a maximum of eight participants.

1.8 Venue
Courses take place in the Camtek course rooms, if not otherwise agreed upon or announced.

Camtek GmbH
Werkstraße 24
71384 Weinstadt

Tel.: 07151 - 97 92 02
Fax: 07151 - 97 92 05
E-Mail: Info@Camtek.de

1.9 Miscellaneous
Should a clause of the terms and conditions of course participation be or become revoked, then this does not affect the rest of the clauses, unless the adherence of the agreement would therefore form unreasonable severity for one of the parties. The parties will replace the revoked clause with a clause, that is effectively closer to both parties wishes by conclusion of the agreement. Alterations and additions must be agreed upon in written form. This applies also to abolition of the written form clause. The place of jurisdication for all disputes resulting from or in connection with the agreement, including the formation and conclusion of the agreement, is the seat of Camteks registered headquarter office in Germany. The preceding choice of the place of jurisdication is eliminated only for the customer.