OPTICAM Version 2023
Plug-in for wire EDM in
GibbsCAM and Siemens NX
NC program.
Everything automatically.

With OPTICAM, we have created a system which automates the creation of the NC program to almost 100%. However, users still have the complete flexibility to intervene in detail.

Feature Recognition

Preprogrammed client satisfaction.
By means of complete integration into CAD systems.

Due to our cooperation with prominent CAD manufacturers, we have access to a very extensive CAD know-how, thus being able to develop OPTICAM with high productivity for the benefit of or clients.

Advantages of OPTICAM

  • Working in familiar environment
  • User-friendly interface
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Quick access to all relevant information

More than 25 years of practical experience in the programming of wire EDM machines have made the new CAD/CAM system OPTICAM the most modern solution available. The programming is based directly on the designed or imported 3D parts. Due to the Automatic Feature Recognition and the allocation of integrated technology data and strategies, OPTICAM offers a very high automation level and reduces the programming time to just a few seconds.

After a very short training period, the user will be able to create a correct NC program with little effort. The high flexibility of OPTICAM makes it possible to influence every detail at a later time.