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Integration for efficient manufacturing

Toolmaking LOACKER, the Vorarlberg expert in injection mold making, has trusted WESTCAM for over 20 years. The well thought-out combination of hyperMILL & OPTICAM is an essential component of success.

Complete CAM solution with WESTCAM service

The Vorarlberg model company Werkzeugbau Loacker has stood for the highest quality for almost half a century. Core competencies include injection mold construction and the production of forming and punching tools. Loacker has also made a name for itself as a contract manufacturer and reliable partner for repairs. No compromises are made when choosing CAM software solutions - WESTCAM has been trusted for over 20 years. What is particularly appreciated is the support and regional support from the team in Götzis.

„WESTCAM is basically our carefree package when it comes to CAM software. With the OPTICAM & hyperMILL combination, we cover our entire production spectrum. Having two market leaders from a single source gives us a good feeling and ensures correspondingly good results.“

Bernd Loacker
Managing Director Loacker Werkzeugbau

One user interface for all programming tasks with OPTICAM

Loacker covers almost all manufacturing technologies from 2.5D, 3D, 5X, HSC/HPC/HFC milling, grinding, wire and sinker EDM. With OPTICAM and hyperMILL®, the company has a user interface for all programming tasks.

Samuel Bader
CAM expert at WESTCAM

“Our customer LOACKER relies on the leading industry solutions with the OPTICAM & hyperMILL combination. This complete CAM solution for different manufacturing processes shows its strengths in everyday life. In this way, the high quality standards in competitive tool and mold making can be achieved efficiently.”

Bernd Loacker
Managing Director Loacker Werkzeugbau

“Since we have had hyperMILL from WESTCAM in-house for many years, implementing OPTICAM in hyperMILL was obvious. Both systems are industry-leading and are available to us as one system under one user interface. From electrode design to CAM programming of the 5-axis milling machine or wire EDM machine, everything is done in one programming environment. The fact that we could seamlessly integrate OPTICAM and hyperMILL into SOLIDWORKS was another security aspect for us.”

OPTICAM – Wire EDM optimally integrated

As a fully integrated solution for wire EDM in hyperMILL, SOLIDWORKS, SolidCut CAD, GibbsCAM and Siemens NX, OPTICAM reduces programming times to a minimum.

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