“Finished within only three days!”
Zumtobel satisfied with fast process implementation

Since recently Zumtobel relies on the CAD/CAM solution PEPS by WESTCAM. The process implementation within only three days was impressive! Zumtobel Lighting GmbH in Dornbirn, Austria, is part of the Zumtobel Group and one of the market leaders in Europe in professional lighting and lighting solutions as well as the associated services. As innovation leader, Zumtobel offers a wide range of high-quality lights and lighting control systems for various application fields in the professional lighting industry.

New department – proven system

In the strategic decision to find an in-house tool making department, WESTCAM came into play. “When we established our new department, as a first step we sought the opinion of independent customers in the market. Very quickly, we became aware of the the fact that PEPS is just right for our requirements!“ says Jürgen Knödler, head of tool making at Zumtobel.

The great usability of PEPS enabled a quick implementation.

Jürgen Knödler says: “After only three days we were able to go live. Two days of training in the WESTCAM branch office in Götzis as well as one day of on-site implementation were sufficient. It is great that in PEPS expert Mateusz we now have a permanent contact person who provides assistance to us at any time.“

Samuel Bader, process consultant and Key Account Manager at WESTCAM explains: “Large companies have a tendency to want to cover everything with a single solution package. Frequently, the selection of the CAD system to be used in production or CAM programming is determined by the construction department. However, the constructive requirements for production differ from the ones in the construction department. Typical CAD systems are not designed for this and in many cases do not offer the necessary functionalities.“

In conclusion, Mr. Bader says: “Therefore, we oftentimes do not recommend a CAM version which is integrated into the existent CAD environment, but mostly a standalone solution which is tailored to the special needs of programmers and is able to take over the data from construction losslessly.“

What is it that disdinguishes PEPS from other products?

PEPS enables a simple, precise and comprehensive programming for wire EDM systems. At this point, the software demonstrates its strenghts. Extensive CAD interfaces are available for the data transfer. The CAD data of the in-house CAD systems are imported via a direct interface. Based on 3D CAD data, WIRE-EXPERT automatically recognizes geometry information, thus making it possible for the data to be directly imported and programmed. Technologies are created directly at the CAM workspace via databases and transferred to the machine, thus ensuring a smooth wire EDM process.

We would like to thank Zumtobel for their trust and excellent cooperation!

PEPS training at WESTCAM Götzis: User knowledge for Julian Rüf (CAM programmer – Zumtobel, on the left) and Jürgen Knödler (head of tool making – Zumtobel, on the right) from PEPS expert Mateusz Bialy (WESTCAM – in the background)

Source: Westcam Datentechnik GmbH